Star Custom Shaped Business Cards

No matter what your business is, business cards are integral part of every business. It is a conversation starter as it contains all necessary detail regarding you and your company including your name, company’s name, address, phone number, logo, URLs etc. It assist customers to access you with an ease whenever they will require your services. It is an effective and cost efficient marketing tool. It is your identity card which you can leave to remind someone about your visit.

Really special star shaped business cards are used by industry owners. You can print them on gorgeous new type of gloss or matte laminated paper stock. Don’t forget to customize your star shaped business cards for best results. You can customize size and shape along with designing and printing colors. Use premium quality stock with unique designing as these two factors play key role in establishing your brands repute. Main factor in rejection of ordinary cards is low quality and poor designing. So don’t let your business down by ordinary material.

You can utilize back side of cards in variety of ways like printing discount offers, coupons, Google map or you can print a design on back side also that gives an attractive look. Gloss and matte lamination is used to make cards more durable as they become weather and tear resistant. For an additional glow apply spot UV. Make round corners that make a sophisticated look.

Online custom shape business cards printing is done by various printing companies. While ordering online you have to go through normal process of ordering. All you need is to search online printing company that meets your printing requirement in reasonable budget. Select a template from gallery that suits you or you can customize it. You can also create your own designs like football shaped business cards, lip shaped business cards etc. by simply uploading your files. You can also get all designs and print work online for special shaped business cards. Select paper quality and finishing and lastly send your name, contact details, logo by simply uploading or sending via email. Get a sample prior to initiate work so you may able to bring amendments if required.
We create beautiful custom shaped business cards with unique designing in cheapest rates. Our services are available round the clock.

How Do You Approach First Time Experiences?

These last few days have been mentally tiring.
Aside from writing my emails and doing other tasks I do on a daily basis, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my How to Become an Email Titan book ready to be published.

This is also my first time publishing a book. So naturally, there were a lot of things I had to deal with that I never knew I had to think about, which caused a lot of going back and forth.

Things like:

Buying your own ISBN vs a publisher providing one for you.

How many ISBNs you need to buy. Apparently you need one for each title and format.

How thick the book is going to be, which determines the measurement of the book spine.

Buying a barcode vs using a barcode generator.

Finding the right publishing service.

Are you allowed to use multiple publishing services?

Formatting your manuscript properly so it doesn’t turn out ugly when it’s converted into an e-book.

The back cover description. Something I see everyday, yet I forgot to one write for my own book.

You get the point. There was a lot to think about. And finding the answers wasn’t exactly the easiest thing either since there were so many different answers and opinions online, you don’t know who to trust.

And I could’ve approached this differently. I could’ve watched some beginner self-publishing videos and learned as much as I could while I wrote my manuscript.

But nope.

When it comes to doing something new, I tend to just dive into it, make mistakes and learn along the way. Sure it cost me some time and extra money, but I feel like I learn faster that way. And the mistakes stick in my mind a lot easier.

So if I decide to publish more books in the future, I’ll be much less likely to make the same mistakes.

Do you do the same thing too? If so, virtual high five for you. We have one more thing in common.

Like Shia LaBeouf said in his viral motivational speech, “Just do it!”

On that note, my book is now being published and waiting to be listed as we speak. So it’ll be available for purchase very soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like a sample of the book, let me know at I’ll send it over to you.

About the author:

Hi, I’m Ellisen and I’m a copywriter. I help businesses make more sales by building relationships with their audience through old fashioned email. If you found this reading helpful, there are more tips like these waiting to be read at When you go there, you can opt in for daily copywriting, email marketing, and business tips. I’ll also send you a free e-book called “5 Steps to Create Money Generating Emails.” It teaches you step-by-step how to write converting and compelling sales emails. If you don’t want to optin, you can also read through my blog and listen to my audios for more marketing content.